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We have provided clients with engineering and designs of compression facilities, detailed construction drawings for all disciplines, permit drawings, material specifications, and construction support through to as-building.  Typical scope include installation of all specified compressor station components, including but not limited to, compressor station building, motor control center (MCC) building module, flare system module, equipment foundations, piping and electrical systems, all support information including lists with mechanical information for the lines, developed spacing guidelines, line size, and specifications for materials and equipment.


Our work scope includes Civil, Structural, process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation. Typical services include foundations/piles, balance of plant (BOP) foundations and pipe supports for equipment for site preparation work, including generation of Site, Grading and Drainage Drawings as well as Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (SESC) Drawings. Simulation of the compression system to verify power requirements, flow rates and operating properties.  Compressor inlet and outlet header piping design, PSV sizing, and P&ID’s.  MCC drawings, PLC and control systems. 

Compression Stations



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