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Since 2009, Spartan Engineering Inc. has grown from a small startup engineering company in the USA to a global, respected, influential, full-service engineering company in an industry that is driven by fierce competition, high performance and quality control standards.


Led by Chuck Law, Spartan has grown to a powerhouse of professionals performing liquid and gas pipeline, facility, and plant work with a comprehensive team including engineers, designers, construction managers, project managers, CADD and GIS mappers and support staff. Spartan has gone to great lengths to bring together a team with tremendous breadth of experience and knowledge in the oil and gas industry. The Spartan Engineering team has centuries of engineering experience. The majority of the Spartan staff has worked together at various other companies for the past 20 years.


In 2012, Spartan was awarded an Oil and Gas Award, recognizing the outstanding achievement made within the upstream and midstream sector, rewarding success and commitment to health and safety, environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.


Today, Spartan employs centuries of combined engineering, design and construction management experience in pipelines, (gas and liquids, gathering, transmission and distribution), facility projects (compression, pumping, processing and measurement) and detailed engineering analyses.  We work on all types of projects in the energy industry including gas storage, enhanced oil recovery, surface facilities, multi-well pads, electrical substations and power transmission.  Spartan is currently licensed in multiple states in the USA, and in 2015 opened Spartan LWS Australia, its first Australia office near Brisbane, Queensland.


Our clients are assured their projects are completed by exceptional professionals with the experience and technology needed in this competitive field. It’s what we do. Every day.

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