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Scope of Work

Spartan Engineering provided engineering services for the design and construction of the following lateral pipeline installations.


  • 91 miles of 12.750” pipe from Hutchison, KS, to Medford, OK

  • 13 miles of 8.625” pipe in dual ditch South of Hutchison, KS

  • 33 miles of 16” pipe from Bushton, KS, to Conway, KS

  • 15 miles of 8” pipe from Haven, KS, to Hutch Frac, Hutchison, KS

  • 1.5 miles of 12” pipe from Hutch Junction to Hutch Frac, Hutchison, KS


Spartan Engineering provided complete design services, including mainline, HDD, Permit and Typical Construction drawings. The project management team provided Hydrostatic Testing Plans and Packages and coordinated Right- of- Way
and environmental permitting. Valve Fabrication coordination, material procurement tracking and MOC Coordination for the project was provided by Spartan’s procurement team.
Additionally, Spartan completed all Project Documentation with MTR Books, Weld Maps and Job Books.


Kansas, Oklahoma

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