Safety / Quality

Our mission at Spartan Engineering Inc. (SEI) is to provide our clients with superior services; our team members with a work environment that attracts and retains top talent; business systems that encourage and support continued innovation; and a culture in which production is defined as the safe completion of quality work in a timely manner. Ensuring the health and safety of our team members and the environment in which we work is a core value of Spartan Engineering Inc. This value will not be compromised for any reason.

Our SEI team supports and promotes safe and environmentally sound behavior on the part of all team members. Our executive leadership and management team members actively lead participation in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs by doing the following:

  • Attending on-going safety educational and training seminars and courses.
  • Using a safety management system to support a culture in which team members are actively engaged in the planning of safe work, are given the education, tools and training needed to conduct their work safely, and are an integral part of our continuous improvement processes.
  • Providing the time and resources to give every team member the education and training needed to recognize and avoid the hazards of their work before they are exposed to the hazards.
  • Inspecting our jobsites and immediately addressing the safety concerns of our team members.
  • Providing the time and resources for our teams to investigate near misses, hazard identification and incident reports and act upon the solutions identified to remove those hazards from the workplace.
  • We reward employees who identify potential hazards and participate in the solutions to remove those hazards.
  • We monitor the effectiveness of our safety management system and are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • We do not measure our performance solely by the lack of injuries. We measure our performance by the activities that systematically lead to the safe performance of our work.
  • We structure our compensation packages and performance reviews to include the above activities as key success indicators.
  • We hold ourselves and our supervisors accountable for safety outcomes. Working safely and in an environmentally safe manner is a condition of employment and promotion within SEI.

All team members are responsible not only for their own actions, but also for the actions of their colleagues.