Energy Storage

With most of the globe investing in some form of energy evolution, Spartan’s services have matched & paced with the technologies being developed. By working with industry leading laboratories, think tanks, policymakers and installation crews, Spartan ensures our clients understand the full impact of the technological readiness levels and responsibly work at their side to bring their projects to the appropriate commercial marketplaces.

The energy storage sector is a dynamic marketplace utilizing chemical, mechanical, and thermal engineering principles with considerable variance in advantages and disadvantages. Regulatory codes are shifting as rapidly as the technology develops with the levelized cost of each storage method continually being driven down at the utility scale which requires a trusted partnership between clients, engineering firms, field representatives, and operators.

Short & long-term applications of the technologies are limited only by the imagination of those implementing them. Spartan’s experience within the energy storage industry is led by our desire to bring the best options for the purpose of:

  • Decongestion of grid supply & demand curves
  • Peak Electricity Demand Shaving
  • Smoothing Renewable Energy Dispatch
  • Deferment Electricity Infrastructure Investments
  • Backup Power
  • Reduction in End User Demand Charges
  • Integration with Microgrids

Spartan prides itself on being the experts in delivering the solutions noted above while providing consistent service, expedient response, and quality partnerships with complimentary service providers allowing us to be a sole source provider of renewable energy development.  We achieve this by having a nationwide footprint with strategic office locations, engineering licensure & registrations across the nation, and field personnel willing and able to travel and work anywhere.

Contact us today at to learn more about our engineering & design services for utility-scale energy storage systems and let us help you achieve your renewable energy goals.